Introducing ‘Find your smallcase’

Introducing ‘Find your smallcase’
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The Paradox of Choice

I recently read somewhere that if you plan to order a two-topping pizza from Domino’s, you have roughly 150 million combinations to choose from! I can’t even..

Is choice always a good thing?

The freedom to choose is at the heart of the smallcase platform. Through smallcases, you can invest in ideas you believe in & easily build a low-risk, diversified & long-term portfolio.

However, over time, several investors have told us that while they loved having several investment ideas (smallcases) to explore, it got a bit difficult to finalize one to make their investment. Social media & support requests also reflected this concern. This is actually a case of the classic Paradox of Choice.

Too many choices can be overwhelming, especially for new investors. The same would probably be true in the case of pizzas too.

The Paradox of Choice 

Popularized by the famous American psychologist Barry Schwartz, Paradox of Choice is a theory that the presence of too many choices can lead to more work, more anxiety & eventually indecision.

Introducing ‘Find your smallcase’

Find your smallcase is the fastest way to find the right smallcase for yourself.

There are two reasons for this:

Find your smallcase eliminates the Paradox of Choice & helps you find the right investment idea for yourself.

‘Find your smallcase’ can be accessed from the Discover page (broker platform + mobile app).

Find your smallcase on the Discover page

‘Find your smallcase’ works for everyone

If you are new to the platform and have not invested in a smallcase yet, ‘Find your smallcase’ will help you start your investment journeyJust click on ‘Start Here’ & see the magic happen.

‘Find your smallcase’ will first help you build a solid foundation (core) which is the most important part of your portfolio. The core helps keep your investments safe during market crashes.

Building a core with Find your smallcase

After building the foundation, ‘Find your smallcase’ will help you add other appropriate investments (satellites) to your portfolio that are required to achieve the right balance of risk & returns. This entire process is based on the popular & time-tested core-satellite approach.

Adding satellite investments

Even if you have already invested in some smallcases, you can use ‘Find your smallcase’ to take the next step in your investment journey & build an overall solid, long-term portfolio.

Find your smallcase also works for invested users

Explore more ideas for your portfolio

Here is a short video explainer as well on ‘Find your smallcase’ & the core-satellite approach:

Try Find your smallcase now! Log in with your broker on & check the Discover page 🙂

Disclaimer: Find your smallcase tool helps you build a long-term portfolio based on the core-satellite approach. This should not be considered as investment advice.

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Introducing ‘Find your smallcase’