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Most Bought smallcases of May 2023

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India has reclaimed its spot as the fifth largest stock market in the world, having a market capitalization of $3.4 Trillion.

Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPI) have become net buyers in the India markets and have net invested ₹ 22,364 Crores in the month of May’23.

The battered Adani stocks have started surging now as the Supreme Court has found no evidence of stock manipulation in Adani group stocks.

Bank Nifty Index has hit an all time high of 44375 on the back of earnings momentum shown by both Private and PSU Banking stocks.

We are in for interesting times ahead as the market is reading ready with momentum. All we need is a well diversified portfolio and robust risk management strategy that will be the guiding lights for us.

Here’s a list of smallcases that garnered the most subscriptions in May 2023

Green Energy

  • Managed by: Niveshaay
  • Small-cap composition
  • A portfolio of stocks, which will get benefit from the renewable energy sector development and energy transition
  • Energy transition refers to the global energy sector’s shift from fossil-based systems of energy production and consumption; including oil, natural gas, and coal, to renewable energy sources like wind and solar, as well as other sources like biofuels.

Green Energy smallcase by Niveshaay

Value and Momentum

  • Managed by: Windmill Capital
  • Small-cap composition
  • This smallcase comprises of positive momentum stocks available at a discount to their peers
  • These stocks have also earned higher than expected profits during the latest reported period
  • This smallcase aims to give exposure to undervalued stocks that are witnessing momentum in their price

Value & Momentum smallcase by Windmill Capital


  • Managed by: Wright Research
  • Multi-cap composition
  • Momentum investing! Invest in trending stocks
  • This is a multi stock portfolio of 20-25 stocks selected from the top 500 universe

Wright ⚡️ Momentum smallcase by Wright Research

Gulaq Gear 6

  • Managed by: Estee Advisors
  • Multi-cap composition
  • This smallcase is a growth oriented concentrated portfolio for Aggressive investors build using quantitative algorithms
  • Directional Strategy in Indian Equities
  • Agnostic to Sector and Market Capitalization
  • Identifying Investible businesses in S&P BSE 500

Gulaq Gear 6 smallcase by Estee

BM Vision 2030

  • Managed by: Basant Maheshwari
  • Multi-cap composition
  • This portfolio will participate in the megatrends that have and will emerge over the next decade with investment size <5L
  •  This smallcase will not buy cheap stocks but buy stocks that will become cheap due to growth in the underlying business

BM Vision 2030 Smallcase smallcase by Basant Maheshwari Investing

Mi MT Allcap

  • Managed by: Weekend Investing
  • Multi-cap composition
  • Mi MT All Cap is an absolute momentum strategy which aims to generate market beating returns aiding gradual wealth creation for its users.
  • This product is suitable for use in all stages of the market cycles as it is designed to either remain invested in the strongest 20 stocks or go to cash in weak markets.

Mi_MT_Allcap smallcase by Weekend Investing

High Quality Right Price

  • Managed by: Green Portfolio
  • Mid & Small Cap composition
  • This smallcase invests in primarily 3 themes being AatmaNirbhar Bharat, China Plus One and Production Linked Incentive Scheme.
  • It invests in 15-22 companies that can Multiply Your Wealth in the next 2-4 years.

High Quality Right Price smallcase by Green Portfolio

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Most Bought smallcases of May 2023
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