Return Calculation Methodology

How we calculate returns

smallcase performance does not include transaction fees and other related costs. No actual money was invested or trades were executed while calculating smallcase performances. Returns are based on end of day prices of stocks in a smallcase. All smallcases are reviewed and rebalanced as per a schedule depending on the smallcase. As a result of this review process, some stocks may be added, some may be removed and some may undergo weight changes. smallcase returns reflect all these changes.

Historical/backtested returns shown on the platform are calculated on the basis of data and information provided by the creator of the smallcase. These returns are calculated in a manner that there is no hindsight bias present in the results. It is the responsibility of the smallcase creator as a SEBI licensed professional to provide the correct and authenticate data for calculation of backtested results. To ensure this, every smallcase creator submits a declaration regarding the same before any backtested data is shown for his smallcase on the platform.