User Created smallcases

  1. User-created smallcases are for educational and informational purposes only. Such smallcases can be shared by the creator with a limited set of other users (hereinafter referred to as ‘recipient’) only as a means of knowledge sharing among users.
  2. A user-created smallcase should not be construed as investment advice from a SEBI registered investment adviser or as a research report/recommendation to deal in securities from a SEBI registered research analyst. Such smallcases should not be construed as investment advice, recommendations or solicitations to deal in securities. User-created smallcases are meant only as a guide and should not be the sole basis for making any investment decision. Recipients are solely responsible for their investment decisions and they must validate all the information used to make their investment decisions. Before making investments, the recipient must independently determine the suitability of investing in any user-created smallcase, based on his/her risk appetite and goals. We advise the recipient to take appropriate professional advice from duly registered and qualified investment advisors, before making any investment decisions including investing in any user-created smallcase.
  3. Please note that past performance does not guarantee future returns and the performance of user-created smallcases are subject to market risk.
  4. Further, the returns mentioned in the smallcase are not based on actual trades and do not include costs associated with investment in securities. Data used for calculation of historical returns and other information is provided by exchange approved third party data vendors and has neither been audited nor validated by the Company. As investments in stocks and ETFs are subject to market risk, please all read all relevant information carefully before making any investments.
  5. We make no representations or warranties (expressed or implied) to any recipient on the advisability of investing in any user-created smallcase. Any information regarding a user-created smallcase, including the smallcase itself, should never be construed as our representation or endorsement for the same. We are only a technology platform and are not involved in the creation of user-created smallcases and we are not responsible for the contents therein, nor do we verify the accuracy of the same. We do not have control over the user-created smallcase and neither do we play a determinative role in the performance of the same.
  6. The recipient agrees to assume complete and full responsibility for the outcomes of all of his/her investment decisions that he/she makes, including any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, punitive or any other losses/damages if any that may be incurred by him/her. We shall not be responsible or liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, punitive or any other losses/damages arising out of the recipient's investments in user-created smallcases.