Why should you invest in this smallcase?

Markets tend to ignore proven performers in favour of new companies experiencing supernormal growth. However, supernormal growth rates are usually unsustainable. When the growth rates drop to normal levels, these market darlings fall out of favour.

  • This smallcase consists of companies that have been recording higher sales and earnings.
  • Additionally, only the companies experiencing increasing cash flows and available at low valuations compared to their peers are included in this smallcase

Invest in this smallcase to get exposure to proven performers.

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one timemonthly sip
one timemonthly sip

Current value of Returns on ₹ 100 invested once 4 years ago would beare

₹ 160.28
NIFTY Midcap20.37%
₹ 120.37
NIFTY Midcap
Comparing:  smallcase with NIFTY Midcap

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