All Weather Investing

A recession proof way to build long term wealth. The All Weather Investing smallcase is a portfolio of equity, gold & fixed income ETFs

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Shield your investments against market crashes

Don’t let a down market get you down

When the markets go up, equity allocation builds wealth & when they crash, gold provides a cushion. Your eggs are always in different baskets, making for smooth sailing even in volatile times

 All Weather Investing smallcasevs Equity Large Cap
Better returns than equity large-cap & FD

Built for better returns

Our intelligent algorithms rebalance this smallcase periodically, making sure your money is in the right asset class at the right time

All Weather Investing has outperformed all asset classes in last 13 years ending Jan 2020
Equity L-Cap

All Weather Investing

All Weather Investing

One investment for all market conditions. Works for everyone

One investment for all market conditions. Works for everyone

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₹ 2,823.00
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Passive investing with an edge

Made using low cost Exchange Traded Funds

ETFs are funds that track a particular index and trade on the exchange

We have selected low-cost ETFs, so the total expense ratio of All Weather Investing is ~0.6%

Frequently Asked Questions

The All Weather Investing smallcase is a recession proof way of building long term wealth, consisting of equities, gold and fixed income ETFs.
ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are baskets of securities that track an underlying index (Nifty, Gold, etc) and can be bought and sold on the exchange. ETFs are ideal for passive investing since they are cost-efficient and liquid (trade during market hours, so you buy/sell your smallcases quickly)
The allocation of your investment to each asset class in the All Weather Investing smallcase is determined by the prevailing market conditions. When the markets are volatile, the exposure to equity ETFs within the smallcase is decreased and vice versa.
Fixed Income consistently gives you positive returns and equities help you generate high returns in a bullish market. Gold provides much needed protection against the decrease in value of equities in a down market
The All Weather Investing smallcase's strategy is aimed at generating stable returns at lower risks to build long-term wealth. Hence, the strategy works best when you stay invested for the long-term (our definition of long term is at least 3 years)
The All Weather Investing smallcase is rebalanced only quarterly to prevent active churn. The next rebalance date can be viewed on the smallcase page under ETFs & Weights. During the event of a market crash, there will be no unscheduled rebalance updates for All Weather Investing because the gold ETF provides a cushion
Units of Nifty, NiftyJunior & Gold ETFs are sold via your broker. For the Nippon LiquidBEES ETF which provides fixed income exposure, dividends earned are credited as fractional units which cannot be sold on the exchange
So when you exit your smallcase, the system will place the sell order for the whole units of the ETF on the exchange through your broker. This hassle free paperless experience of investing in Nippon Liquid Bees is exclusive to smallcases
Each ETF also has its own expense ratio, the total blended expense ratio for the smallcase being ~0.6%, embedded into your investment
Individual ETFs in the All Weather Investing smallcase have their own tax implications:
  • Equity ETFs (NIFTYBEES, JUNIORBEES) will be taxed like other equity instruments - 15% tax on short-term gains & 10% tax on long-term gains over Rs 1 lakh
  • Fixed Income ETF (LIQUIDBEES) does not attract any tax liability, as it only issues dividends
  • Gold ETF (GOLDBEES) is also taxed like debt funds or bond ETFs - short-term gains added to income (<3 year holding period) and long-term gains (>3 year holding period) taxed at 20% after indexation