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This portfolio consists of growth champions that have better growth profile vs. their peers and/or have supporting factor like strategic advantage, low penetration levels, product launches, etc. that will drive earnings growth.

  • These picks are based on thorough analysis that provide opportunities even in downturns. Approximately, equal weights have been given to each sector (other than BFSI).
  • Average EPS growth for for the portfolio over FY20-22E is expected to be at ~17% and average ROE is expected to be to ~16%. These stocks (ex-banks) have average net-debt/equity of ~0.1x.
  • Portfolio has higher share of mid + small cap stocks vs. large cap. The beta of the portfolio is 1.0.

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Created by IIFL Research

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Jul 27, 2015

of this smallcase would be
IIFL Aggressive Portfolio
₹ 216.88
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₹ 127.22


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