About the smallcase

This smallcase provides exposure to companies that generate higher dividend yields. Investors looking for stable returns can invest in this smallcase to benefit from high dividends which get re-invested and price appreciation of the stocks. This smallcase comprises companies across diversified sectors providing a balance between stability and growth.

This smallcase invests in the following ETFs:

  • Nifty Dividend Opportunities 50 is designed to provide exposure to high dividend-yielding companies listed on NSE. The index comprises sectors like consumer goods, IT, construction, power, etc
  • Bharat 22 and CPSE represent large public sector companies with high dividend yields. This index comprises sectors like power and energy, metals, construction, engineering, and financials

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Live Performance vs 

Equity Large Cap

Current value of ₹ 100 invested once
at launch

Feb 7, 2022

would be
Dividend Kings
₹ 202.49
Equity Large Cap
₹ 128.49

Note: Live performance includes rebalances. It is a tool to communicate factual return information and should not be seen as advertisement or promotion.

Understand smallcase costs and returns

Understand smallcase costs and returns