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MI_ATH2 is an absolute momentum strategy which chases stocks near their All time highs. It is a well-researched phenomenon that stocks that are near to their all-time highs have a high probability to keep performing well.


  • An up-to 10 stock concentrated portfolio with equal weights for each component
  • Stocks from NSE listed universe (with additional filters of very high turnover stocks only) and market capitalization > 500 cr.
  • Stock selection based on Momentum ranking and nearness to their All Time Highs
  • Absolute Momentum performance is the basis for each stock selection
  • Every week the portfolio is reviewed and stocks which do not hold up the exit criterion are shelved while new ones enter.
  • At times when new momentum picks are not available the portfolio will sit in cash (in interest bearing instruments like LIQUID BEES).
  • There is zero discretion of the manager in running this portfolio.
  • The strategies have been rigorously back tested on years of data to prove their efficacy.
  • The optimal size for investing in this portfolio is INR 5 to 30 lacs


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Understand smallcase costs and returns