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Volatility measures the risk of security. A stock with higher volatility will see its price fluctuate rapidly within a specific period, whereas a low volatility stock will not see as much price fluctuation. Higher the volatility, the higher the perceived risk. Beta is one of the ways of measuring volatility. A stock with a beta of less than 1 would be less volatile than the market. Low beta stocks ensure that the portfolio is not very sensitive to market sell-offs.

  • The universe of stocks for the Safe Haven smallcase is such low beta stocks.
  • These stocks are then subject to checks on various parameters including but not limited to proportion of pledged promoter holdings, favourability amongst institutional investors, etc.
  • Finally, the qualifying stocks are then run through proprietary algorithms that help choose liquid low beta stocks.

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Past Performance vs 

Current value of ₹ 100 invested once
at launch

Jul 25, 2016

would be
Safe Haven
₹ 224.19
Equity Multi Cap
₹ 189.90

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