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The live share price of Fineotex Chemical Ltd (FCL) as on 21 Sep 9:59am is ₹314.75 from NSE/BSE.


₹314.75 ▼-1.66% (-5.3)

As on Sep 21, 2023 03:29 PM IST

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PB Ratio


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Dividend Yield

Dividend per share for the most recent financial year divided by the close price









Market Cap

Smallcap, ₹3,502 Cr

Fineotex Chemical Limited is a manufacturer of chemicals for textiles, construction, water-treatment, fertilizer, leather and paint industry.

The following charts display the financial performance of the Fineotex Chemical Ltd (FCL) stock, including the year-on-year Income Statement , Balance Sheet , Cash Flow Statement and Shareholding pattern.

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Market Cap

Smallcap, ₹3,502 Cr


Income Statement

(INR) Y/Y Change
Revenue 524 Cr +40.28%
Operating Expense 25 Cr -3.49%
Net Income 88 Cr +60.09%
Net Profit Margin 16.85% +14.16%
Earning Per Share 7 +59.99%
EBITDA 119 Cr +56.28%

Balance sheet

(INR) Y/Y Change
Cash & short-term Inv 59 Cr +56.52%
Total Assets 422 Cr +24.51%
Total Liabilities 67 Cr -4.37%
Total Equity 355 Cr +32.02%
Shares Outstanding 11.07 Cr -0.04%
Price to Book 7.26 -6.21%
Return on Assets 23.18% +27.43%
Return on Capital 32.51 Cr +18%

Cash Flows

(INR) Y/Y Change
Net Income 88 Cr +60.09%
Cash from Operations 107 Cr +701.72%
Cash from Investing -99 Cr -14946.27%
Cash from Financing -6 Cr +13.78%
Net Change in Cash 1 Cr -83.79%
Free Cash Flow 87 Cr -1057.36%
Total Promoter Holding
Foreign Institutions
Foreign Institutions
Retail & Others
Retail & Others
Other Parties
Other Domestic Institutions
Insurance Firms
Mutual Funds
Mutual Funds



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FAQs on Fineotex Chemical Ltd

How to buy Fineotex Chemical Ltd stocks?

You can easily buy the stocks/shares of Fineotex Chemical Ltd (FCL) through either a broker or a financial institution by opening a Demat & Trading account online via smallcase.

What is the Share Price of Fineotex Chemical Ltd?

The stock price of Fineotex Chemical Ltd as on 21 Sep 2023 is ₹314.75

What is the 52-week High and Low of Fineotex Chemical Ltd?

The 52-week high and low of Fineotex Chemical Ltd (FCL) is ₹403.55 and ₹203.

What is the PE and PB ratio of Fineotex Chemical Ltd?

The P/E (price-to-earnings) and P/B (price-to-book) ratios of Fineotex Chemical Ltd are 37.16 and 9.85 respectively.

What are the peers or stocks similar to Fineotex Chemical Ltd?

The peers or stocks similar to Fineotex Chemical Ltd are Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd, Navin Fluorine International Ltd, Vinati Organics Ltd, Aarti Industries Ltd and many others. smallcase also offers over 200 readymade stock baskets managed by 180+ SEBI-registered investment experts. These stock portfolios are based on a theme, idea or strategy. You can use smallcase to start investing in diversified stock baskets.

Which sector does Fineotex Chemical Ltd belong to?

Fineotex Chemical Ltd (FCL) belongs to the Specialty Chemicals sector.

What is the Market Cap of Fineotex Chemical Ltd?

Market capitalization, short for market cap, is the market value of a publicly traded company's outstanding shares. The market cap of Fineotex Chemical Ltd (FCL) is ₹3,502 Cr as of 21 Sep 2023

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