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High Quality Right Price, one of our flagship portfolios is a multi cap strategy, aligns perfectly with India’s growth story. Primarily, it is based on India’s aim to become self-sufficient and self-reliant- a dream of many. The portfolio is inclined mainly towards the Pharma and Chemical sector- the sectors with good future prospects.

  • Atmanirbhar Bharat tops the list of policies that are shaping India’s global position. 
  • China Plus One- Often referred to as “Import Substitution”, it is a risk mitigation strategy that MNCs have been using to diversify their operations from China. 
  • PLI Scheme- Production linked Incentive Scheme is in line with Atma Nirbhar Scheme.. PLI has paved the way for many companies to come forward and contribute to India’s growth story.
  • Our portfolio contains companies that have been incentivized by the government to produce Make in India products and export them gloablly.

Many companies in our portfolio have seen immense growth in their order pipeline due to these schemes and strategies. 

The companies in this portfolio-

  • Have strong financials metrics
  • Low Debt on books, Preferred Debt to Equity Ratio- 0.5x
  • Good Management integrity, capability and performance track record.
  • Available at Reasonable valuations

We keep regular track of company announcements, results, calls and investor presentations.

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Understand smallcase costs and returns