Why should you invest in this smallcase?

This smallcase sets the benchmark to achieve substantial gain by following careful stock selection strategy. After thorough equity technical chart analysis, carefully monitoring of the market direction and trend, a decision is made. The smallcase consists of 15-20 stocks having a blend of smallcaps, midcaps & largecaps. 

· The smallcase consists of stocks which are volatile in nature with bigger movements prospects each way hence there is an enough action. The investor is requested to keep in mind the risk associated with the strategy.

· Range bound breakouts are watched to enter the most suitable period in an equity life cycle.

· Market ecosystem based on uptrends and downtrends, their significance and performance are carefully scrutinized.

· With this small case, you will be rest assured for investing in the best security.

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Created by 21G Investments

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Value of ₹ 100 invested once on
inception of this smallcase

Sep 23, 2020

would be
21G Trend Rider
₹ 213.85
Equity Mid & Small Cap
₹ 148.99


Note: Past performance graph includes changes due to rebalance, events like stock splits & mergers. Also, past performance doesn't guarantee future returns