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[Median Market Capitalization: 11,640 Crore]

Suitable- for those investing less than 30% of liquid net worth with no plan to liquidate within at least SIX MONTHS

At the "Future Leaders" portfolio, we are dedicated to identifying and investing in the small and mid-cap companies that are poised to become the industry leaders of tomorrow.

Our investment philosophy is grounded in a belief that the most significant growth opportunities lie in companies that are still in the early stages of their growth trajectory, but have the potential to disrupt established industries and emerge as the new leaders.

Our team of experienced investors combines in-depth fundamental analysis with a forward-looking approach to identify companies that have a clear vision and a sustainable competitive advantage. We focus on companies that are leveraging technological advancements, changing consumer preferences, and emerging trends to create value for their customers and shareholders.

Our investment strategy is guided by a long-term horizon, which enables us to stay focused on the big picture and capture the potential of companies that are still in the early stages of their growth journey. We believe that by investing in future leaders today, we can deliver sustainable returns to our investors over the long term.

Join us on our mission to discover the next generation of industry leaders and unlock the growth potential of small and mid-cap companies. Invest in the "Future Leaders" portfolio and be part of the journey towards a brighter, more innovative future.

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Understand smallcase costs and returns