About the smallcase

We find multi-baggers in listed small caps by using big-data analytics to quantitatively select governance standards and earnings potential using our proprietary database and algorithm. To dig deeper - please read on.

  • An ingredient to our secret sauce is our proprietary database where we track board members of listed companies and our algorithms that track the background of these board compositions.

  • We aim to find credible board members that are specialist in the industry and who are part of high quality companies and are also sitting board members of really small companies like a Venture Capital board observer in a startup.

  • For our investors, we watch out for related party representations in terms of family members and focus on purely professional representation as a preferred choice.

  • We bank on heuristic to estimate intrinsic value as a screen of companies that are very small and have limited reporting and history.

  • We use fundamental ideas like variability of margins, earnings stability, one off items in reported earnings as few of the methods to further shortlist.

  • We used portfolio construction techniques to make the small case representative of broad economy.

This portfolio is not available for US persons, including US citizens and residents. The portfolio represented herein is available only to Indian residents. For US persons, please refer to the LotusDew website: www.lotusdew.co

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Understand smallcase costs and returns