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Mi MT Allcap is an absolute momentum strategy which aims to generate market beating returns aiding gradual wealth creation for its users. This product is suitable for use in all stages of the market cycles as it is designed to either remain invested in the strongest 20 stocks or go to cash in weak markets



  • This portfolio consists of up-to 20 stocks selected from top liquid names (any cap)
  • All stocks start at 5% weightage of the entire portfolio
  • The stocks are selected based on their absolute momentum after filtering for any red flags in the company. All stocks need to be > 1000cr in market cap and average liquidity of the stock is also verified before selection.
  • Winners are allowed to run while losers are removed at the next balance if they meet the exit criterion.
  • The historical performance of this portfolio has beaten the benchmark by a wide margin
  • This is a weekly rebalanced portfolio. If there are no current opportunities the portfolio sits in cash (Liquid bees) 
  • There is zero discretion of the manager in running this portfolio.
  • The strategies have been rigorously back tested on years of data to prove their efficacy.
  • The optimal size for investing in this portfolio is INR 5 to 30 lacs


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Understand smallcase costs and returns

Understand smallcase costs and returns