About the smallcase

  • ONLY Data Backed Actionable Research Ideas: “Why to buy” more imp than “what to buy”
  • Experienced & Energetic team with a collective work experience of over 60 years
  • Omkara is trusted by nearly 100 HNI clients & nearly 450 retail clients in less than 1 year
  • Network: Omkara team has a strong knowledge network which helps in ideation & research 

OUR INVESTMENT APPROACH - Scale with market leadership in the upcycle

  • We like to identify sectors that have a structural long growth runway, but are in cyclical downturn, which is now turning the corner
  • In such sectors, we focus on companies that are either market share leaders or market share consolidators or has monopolistic advantages 
  • Companies with under-utilized capacities or with capex cycle behind are preferred as they the potential to deliver disproportionate returns over a 2-3years period 
  • And finally, companies should be reasonably valued with the above traits, thereby, ensuring enough margin of safety for the capital

Live Performance vs 

Current value of ₹ 100 invested once
at launch

Oct 15, 2021

would be
Omkara Opportunities Smallcase
₹ 141.37
Equity Smallcap
₹ 123.35

Note: Live performance includes rebalances. It is a tool to communicate factual return information and should not be seen as advertisement or promotion.

Understand smallcase costs and returns

Understand smallcase costs and returns