About the smallcase


  • India is likely to become a $5 trillion economy by 2026. This growth would require capital of more than INR 200 lakh crores with around 30% equity and 70% debt.
  • This is a curated portfolio of Capital Providers & Enablers such as exchanges, rating agencies, selected banks and infrastructure focused NBFCs, which would benefit from this large capital investments.



  • If you are an existing investor of Omniscience Capital on a Fixed Fee model, please contact us before subscribing to this product.
  • LUMPSUM: To get maximum benefit from this investment, start with a lump sum of INR 2.5 Lakhs.
  • SIP: For a lower starting amount, do an SIP of INR 5K per month.
  • Holding Period: The minimum holding period should be preferably 5 years but at least 3 years.
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Past Performance vs 

Current value of ₹ 100 invested once
at launch

Jan 7, 2021

would be
Omni Capital Enablers
₹ 205.89
Equity Multi Cap
₹ 122.90

Note: All performance graphs & numbers are calculated using only the live data and includes rebalances. Past performance doesn't include cost or guarantee future returns.

Understand smallcase costs and returns

Understand smallcase costs and returns