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The mandate of Sustainable Compounders is to generate sustainable returns by buying GOOD businesses at REASONABLE PRICES.

By good businesses we mean sustainable businesses with competitive advantages and long runway, run by fair and efficient management.

Most of the time such businesses don’t come cheap. However some times, owing to ignorance, dislike, temporary hardships, human biases or institutional reasons, prices get reasonable.

Given that we operate with only those businesses which we honestly understand, we are many times able to pick these mispricings.

In absence of compelling opportunities the smallcase temporarily parks money in Liquid ETFs.

With experience we have realised the above to be the best way to control risk and optimise returns.

Sustainable Compounders mirrors this investment approach of our Portfolio Management Services (PMS) and leverages its in-depth and market beating research capabilities to construct a portfolio of sustainable businesses at reasonable prices.


1.     Goal - sustainable capital appreciation over 3-5 year horizon

2.     Combination of equity shares and liquid ETFs. Weights can range from 0-100.

3.     Multicap – invest across market capitalisation and sectors

4.     Focussed – 10-20 stocks with flexible weights.

5.     Rebalanced monthly.

Disclaimer: Our PMS holds the Smallcase stocks in its and clients' portfolios.

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Created by Compound Everyday Capital

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Value of ₹ 100 invested once
3 years

Sep 19, 2017

ago would be
Sustainable Compounders
₹ 123.49
Equity Multi Cap
₹ 106.79

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