About the smallcase

Top 10 Insider Trading actively tracks Open Market Buying and Selling by Promoters.

We believe, buying by promoter from open market is generally seen as a good sign as its generally a one-way road

For eg. Promoters seldom trade in and out of their own company shares, which means there is a long-term commitment of their capital when they buy shares in their own company.

The Net cash accumulated by the promoters via salary and dividends is not a big fraction of the market cap and hence we give importance to promoter buying as an important data point to analyse

Over a period of years since we have analysed this data, we have found multiple multibaggers with a good risk reward entry point.

Hence we have come up with a smallcase which tracks the promoter buying theme very closely, try and mix it with technical and fundamentals to create a basket of stocks which can do well over a period of time

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Current value of ₹ 100 invested once
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Aug 11, 2021

would be
Top 10 Insider Trading
₹ 138.19
Equity Smallcap
₹ 96.59

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