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Philosophy & Process is our EDGE

  • Superior Performance

We believe in buying high quality assets for less than their worth which creates Alpha. We do not participate in everything that goes up rather only the opportunities that fit our approach.

  • Margin of safety

Risk is an inescapable part of investing. Our unique position sizing and risk management systems limits the downside risk. Maximum drawdown in the portfolio since inception is 30.73%

  • Capital Protection

Our algorithms helps us make the decision to choose between aggressiveness and defensiveness ( balance between debt and equity) on the basis of observations regarding current market conditions.

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Created by Trendlinez

Past Performance vs 

Value of ₹ 100 invested once on
inception of this smallcase

Jul 28, 2016

would be
TrendlineZ Balanced
₹ 159.71
Equity Multi Cap
₹ 124.77


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