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Invest in Value which has been intelligently selected by our powerful AI platform, InvestorAi. It uses proprietary quant algorithms usually available only to institutional investors. You have the opportunity to benefit from its vast computing power and track record without any natural human bias. 

The underlying algorithm for this smallcase is Value Investing which identifies good companies that are temporarily undervalued and are predicted to bounce back within 3 months. This algorithm has been running for over 3 years with an accuracy of 69%, and has delivered a net 56% return on an annualised basis.

From approx. 50 opportunities, InvestorAi curates a shortlist of stocks which have low volatility and score well on factors such as capital structure, forward P/E, 60 day relative return, 2 year beta and 1 year standard deviation. Stocks are graded based on short term momentum.

(For details on features and KPIs please refer our blog)

Value is constructed with a balance of cyclical and defensive stocks with sector diversification. All curated stocks are run through a Monte Carlo simulation (a mathematical technique, which is used to estimate the possible outcomes of an uncertain event), calculating over a thousand possible combinations in order to deliver a 10 stock smallcase with the strongest returns and lowest 3 year volatility. 

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Understand smallcase costs and returns