About the smallcase

Even with the recent volatility in the Indian market, the stocks that have stayed resilient are the ones that come from the sectors favoured by government policies focused on making India self-reliant, future-ready and innovative.  

The term ‘Atma-Nirbhar’ has evolved from a buzzword to a solid profitable strategy. It has become essential to evaluate the impact of policy reforms and drill down into their impact on the markets.

There are three government policies that we think are important to spot winners in the current stock market

  • Make in India or Atmanirbhar-Bharat
  • Profit Linked Incentives and,
  • China plus One

This basket contains 20-25 stocks across market capitalization.

Past Performance vs 

Current value of ₹ 100 invested once
at launch

May 1, 2022

would be
Wright 🇮🇳 New India
₹ 107.23
Equity Multi Cap
₹ 106.72

Note: All performance graphs & numbers are calculated using only the live data and includes rebalances. Past performance doesn't include cost or guarantee future returns.