About the smallcase

This is an asset allocation version of the Growth at a Fair Price smallcase.

  • The underlying theme of the smallcase mimics the pure equity version smallcase “Growth at a fair price”
  • Generally, growth companies have a lot of investment opportunities to reinvest their earnings and not pay dividends. A robust business and rising earnings allow them to command high valuations
  • But, everything has a fair price and irrespective of the quality of the product, one should never overpay. This rule is applicable in the case of growth companies as well
  • Such companies are good investment opportunities, however, because of their high valuations, it is difficult to judge whether they are fairly priced
  • Equity portion of this smallcase is a collection of companies experiencing earnings growth and witnessing margin improvement
  • In addition, only the companies experiencing an increasing return on capital, and available at justifiable valuations are selected
  • To reduce the risk of the smallcase, we include other asset classes like gold and debt as well which is not done in the original smallcase. Thus, this provides better risk-adjusted returns, especially during market turmoil

This smallcase is suitable for those who want the benefit of the “Growth at a fair price” smallcase strategy with added protection of asset allocation to safeguard against prolonged market downturns. This version of smallcase reduces fluctuation in portfolio value while providing a smooth wealth creation journey.

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Understand smallcase costs and returns