About the smallcase

Growth companies experiencing positive earnings growth and having a reasonable valuations, while growing at a rate faster than the overall economy

  • Growth companies often reinvest their earnings into numerous opportunities instead of paying dividends. Their rapid business expansion and escalating earnings typically result in higher valuations.
  • However, prudent investment dictates a balanced approach to pricing. Regardless of a company's excellence, it's crucial to avoid overpaying. This is especially true for growth companies, where keeping valuations in check is important.
  • While these companies present attractive investment prospects, their often steep valuations necessitate a careful evaluation to determine if they are priced appropriately for their growth potential and financial health.
  • This smallcase is a carefully curated selection of High-Growth Companies available at reasonable valuations.
  • Additionally, companies that demonstrate a higher ROCE, alongside maintaining healthy profit margins are selected.

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Understand smallcase costs and returns

Understand smallcase costs and returns