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About the smallcase

A mix of value as well as momentum can be an ideal combination when it comes to stock investments.

  • This smallcase includes stocks that are undervalued compared to their peers, but have been attracting attention off late as evidenced by their recent stock price movements
  • These stocks have also earned higher than expected profits during the latest reported period

Invest in this smallcase to get exposure to undervalued stocks that are witnessing momentum in their price.

You can access the asset allocation version of this smallcase with better risk-adjusted returns here

Live Performance vs 

Current value of ₹ 100 invested once
at launch

Apr 4, 2016

would be
Value & Momentum
₹ 635.79
Equity Smallcap
₹ 254.04

Note: Live performance includes rebalances. It is a tool to communicate factual return information and should not be seen as advertisement or promotion.

Understand smallcase costs and returns

Understand smallcase costs and returns