About the smallcase

This is an asset allocation version of the Value and Momentum smallcase. The equity portion of the smallcase selects stocks that are undervalued but also experiencing positive momentum in their price. 

  • The underlying theme of the smallcase mimics the pure equity version smallcase “Value & Momentum”
  • In the equity portion, stocks that are selected are undervalued compared to their peers but have been attracting attention of late - as evidenced by their recent stock price movements
  • These stocks have also earned higher than expected profits during the latest reported period
  • To reduce the risk of the smallcase, we include other asset classes like gold and debt which is not done in the original smallcase. Thus,this version of the smallcase provides better risk-adjusted returns, especially during market turmoil

This smallcase is suitable for those who want the benefit of the “Value & Momentum” smallcase strategy with added protection of asset allocation to safeguard against prolonged market downturns. This version of smallcase reduces fluctuation in portfolio value while providing a smooth wealth creation journey.

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Understand smallcase costs and returns

Understand smallcase costs and returns