Why should you invest in this smallcase?

·       Concentrated Strategy Structure of 20 -30 stocks out of top 500 stocks of small to mid-capitalization in NSE.

·       Buy and hold philosophy – low portfolio churn (~ 100% per year)

·       Periodic rebalancing (every 3-4 months) of a part of the portfolio

·       Investment Horizon: Medium to Long term (3 years or more)

·       Following a quantitative momentum principle followed by several layers of filtration

·       A risk model used which reduces the risk and portfolio volatility through staggered building of positions

·       It is non-leveraged—the exposure will never exceed the value of the portfolio

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Created by Benign Capital

Past Performance vs 

Current value of ₹ 100 invested once 
on inception

Jan 1, 2004

of this smallcase would be
QPort-Momentum-All Cap
₹ 9,619.95
Equity Multi Cap
₹ 565.23


Past performance doesn't guarantee future returns & is inclusive of all rebalances. Download chart