Why should you invest in this smallcase?

Return on capital employed (ROCE) allows us to understand how many rupees in profit each rupee of capital employed generates. It indicates how efficiently a company uses its capital. The higher the number, the more favourable the situation as it means more profits are generated.

  • This smallcase comprises companies that have generated high ROCE
    Additionally, the smallcase only selects stocks trading at a low valuations

Invest in this smallcase to follow Joel Greenblatt’s Magic Formula investing strategy.

A low-cost version of this smallcase without high-priced stocks is also available here 

Know how this smallcase was created

Created by smallcase Research

Past PerformancePerformance vs 

one timemonthly sip
one timemonthly sip

Current value of Returns on ₹ 100 invested once 4 years ago would beare

₹ 151.40
NIFTY Smallcap3.82%
₹ 103.83
NIFTY Smallcap
Comparing:  smallcase with NIFTY Smallcap