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Sharia is the religious legal system governing members of the Islamic faith. Equity is the preferred Islamic investment instrument.

  • Sharia prohibits investing in companies that deal in adult entertainment, alcohol, cinema & broadcasting, insurance, tobacco, financial services, investment services, gambling, hotels, defence, music, mortgage & lease, interest income and pork
  • Sharia also requires companies to comply with specific financial parameters regarding leverage and cash balance

This smallcase has companies that comply with both the sectoral as well as financial restrictions imposed by Sharia.

While ‘Halal’ means permissible in Islam, any investor regardless of religious affiliation can invest in this smallcase. Ethical investors would also find an investable cause in these Sharia-compliant companies.

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one timemonthly sip
one timemonthly sip

Current value of Returns on ₹ 100 invested once 4 years ago would beare

₹ 103.95
NIFTY Smallcap5.70%
₹ 105.71
NIFTY Smallcap
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