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Best-of-TATAs is a combination of high growth momentum stocks with strong management and Trust of TATA brand. It combines large and Mid-cap stocks to balance the portfolio. The selection criteria based on various parameters such as Management, Sector Growth, Technical breakouts, Sales growth, and global presence of a business. Suitable for the Investors with long-term objectives at least of one year. The re-balance will be done regularly on yearly basis. Benchmarking will be done with Nifty-50 Index.

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Equity Large Cap

Current value of ₹ 100 invested once
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Jul 6, 2021

would be
Best-of-TATAs | LongTerm | Growth | Momentum
₹ 122.42
Equity Large Cap
₹ 109.63

Note: All performance graphs & numbers are calculated using only the live data and includes rebalances. Past performance doesn't include cost or guarantee future returns.