About the smallcase

  • This basket consists of moderate to high beta stocks for investors looking for healthy returns.

  • This basket comprises liquid stocks from the top 500 market cap stocks listed on the Nifty 500 with positive financial trends.

  • Fundamental criteria like return on equity, debt to equity & profitability ratios are used to build the quality score.

  • The stocks in this pack have been handpicked considering the need for stable returns with low volatility.

  • The stocks selected belong to different sectors/industries ensuring good diversification.

  • The portfolio will be monitored every week however rebalancing will be done when the need arises to generate relatively higher returns by assuming the least possible risks and the investor will be intimated about rebalancing via email.

  • Best suited for new investors who seek healthy returns with a risk-return trade-off.

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Understand smallcase costs and returns

Understand smallcase costs and returns