About the smallcase

Sitanshu uses cutting edge research techniques to combine Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis & Sentiment analysis all together to find Undiscovered stocks.

  • Good Technicals: Breakouts, Patterns, Volumes, Indicators etc.
  • Good Fundamentals: High Sales, Profits, Margins etc.
  • Good Sentiments: Macro Economy, News Flow, New Orders, Acquisitions, Merger, Bonus, Dividends etc.

It is a well known concept that to boost returns in overall portfolio, one needs to invest small portion in high risk high return type of assets. This Smallcase is designed to try and achieve that. Circuit Breakers recommends high risk high return type of stocks to investors, for them to attempt to generate alpha in their overall portfolio.

All recommended stocks should be treated individually and this is not a model portfolio. This service is provided according to rules of SEBI registered research analyst and nothing more.

If there are no good opportunities in the markets, he will shift to safe assets like debt and gold to protect investors capital.

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Understand smallcase costs and returns

Understand smallcase costs and returns