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Staying invested while taking short-term bets is hard - constantly analyzing, buying and selling short-term opportunities is time-consuming so most people miss out.


Momentum is unashamedly short-term and uses the power of AI to identify short-term opportunities every fortnight so you can rebalance your basket and take advantage of dynamic market conditions with just one click.


Who should invest in Momentum?

Investors with a high-risk appetite and the capacity to allocate at least 2L to the strategy. Investors who are interested enough to follow a fortnightly rebalance routine.


Portfolio Construction: 

A short-term concentrated trading basket with 10 stocks selected by AI and rebalanced every two weeks to take account of changing market conditions through a one-click rebalance.


The objective of Momentum is to try and deliver long-term capital growth through a short-term, systematic, trading approach to stock selection.


Benefits of Momentum:

  • Our proprietary AI engine conducts extensive research to arrive at recommendations and saves you time.
  • Rebalances every two weeks to keep up with changing market dynamics.
  • The AI identifies shorter-term price movements to select stocks and helps you to invest like a trader without having to individually research and monitor positions.

Key Features:

  • Rebalances: Every 2 weeks
  • Minimum Investment Amount: INR 2 lacs
  • Risk Level – High

Contact us: support@bridgeweave.com

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Understand smallcase costs and returns