About the smallcase

Portfolio is designed to outperform the markets in bull and bear run. Our AI algorithm analyzes 500 handpicked stocks and identifies those which our algorithm considers high return potential at less then market risk for a period of around next 3 months without any bias. The aim is that your portfolio performs similar to a smallcap index in bull market where as in bear market it's fall is less than any pure equity based portfolio. (Actual returns may vary and cannot be guaranteed)

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Live Performance vs 

Equity Large Cap

Current value of ₹ 100 invested once
at launch

Sep 17, 2020

would be
Momentum with safety
₹ 265.87
Equity Large Cap
₹ 181.24

Note: Live performance includes rebalances. It is a tool to communicate factual return information and should not be seen as advertisement or promotion.

Understand smallcase costs and returns

Understand smallcase costs and returns