Why should you invest in this smallcase?

This is a moderate risk strategy which aims to outperform in all stages of the market cycle, the volatile and the trending. This is achieved by dynamic allocation to various factors and asset classes based on the changing market regime.

  • This is a multi stock portfolio of 20-25 stocks selected from the top 300 universe
  • The underlying equity themes consist of trend following which works in trending markets and other themes like value and low volatility which work in volatile markets.
  • This portfolio also contains bonds, gold and international ETFs which are dynamically given higher weightage when markets are volatile. 
  • The historical performance of this portfolio has beaten the benchmarks by a wide margin in all market conditions.
  • The rebalance of the portfolio is usually done every month to keep turnover low, the portfolio might also be rebalanced on a weekly basis if market conditions change drastically.

This is a version of the multi factor tactical smallcase created for smaller investments. In smaller smallcase we do not include stocks with prices > 5000 and constraint the weights to fit in 50k limit. The portfolios are 80% correlated.

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Created by Wright Research

Past Performance vs 

Equity Large Cap

Value of ₹ 100 invested once on
inception of this smallcase

Jan 1, 2014

would be
Balanced MFT - (Smaller Investments)
₹ 757.95
Equity Large Cap
₹ 300.83


Note: Past performance graph includes changes due to rebalance, events like stock splits & mergers. Also, past performance doesn't guarantee future returns