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MWM Mystic Wealth Momentum is a flagship offering from Mystic Wealth.

It is a 20 stock portfolio. It is completely automated with NO human discretion.

Stocks are selected by a propitiatory algorithm ranking the stocks on price momentum

We simply ride the winners and cut the losers.

It has a trend following overlay on broader markets to sit out the bad days.

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Created by Mystic Wealth

Past Performance vs 

Value of ₹ 100 invested once on
inception of this smallcase

Apr 3, 2017

would be
MWM (MysticWealth Momentum)
₹ 409.72
Equity Mid & Small Cap
₹ 185.13


Note: Past performance graph includes changes due to rebalance, events like stock splits & mergers. Also, past performance doesn't guarantee future returns