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  • At $84 billion, India has the fourth largest defence budget in the World. (Source: Stockholm International Peace Research Institute).
  • The DPEPP 2020 plans to raise the domestic production from INR 80,000 crores to INR 175,000 crores and exports of INR 35,000 crores by 2025. India has already achieved an export of INR 21000 crores in FY2024. This is an increase of 31 times over the last 10 years. The export target has been raised to INR 50,000 crores by FY2029.
  • In the modern geo-strategic sphere, the concept of Defence has many more dimensions beyond arms, ammunitions and weapons. The concept includes controlling diplomacy, controlling sea routes or other important merchandise transport routes, cyber security, space security, energy security, strategic commodities security, rare earth metals security, food security among others.
  • While this curated portfolio started initially as an exposure to defence companies with strong technology moats such as torpedoes and missiles, aircraft carrier, fighter jets, submarines, electronic systems, etc., today it has been modified to include several companies from the above-mentioned dimensions. Over a period of time the portfolio will continue being modified to take exposure to different additional dimensions and also to be optimized for growth and valuations while being compliant with the Scientific Investing Framework.
  • This portfolio is likely to look quite different from other Defence portfolios which might be filled with pure-play conventional defence stocks which are likely to be overvalued. This portfolio will diversify outside of pure-play defence weapons manufacturing to other companies which might have defence as a segment but are relatively undervalued.




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Understand smallcase costs and returns