About the smallcase

For those who wish to tuck away small sums of money that they save, into high-quality equity shares, and even gold! Presenting:

"Pocket Money Investing": A specially curated set of unique, profitable businesses that can be accumulated in a staggered manner!

Ideal for new investors looking to start SIP's, or even invest at irregular intervals.

Unique addition: gold has been included to serve as a steady growth asset, as well as an effective hedge against equity market volatility

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Past Performance vs 

Equity Large Cap

Current value of ₹ 100 invested once
at launch

Jul 21, 2020

would be
Pocket Money Investing
₹ 160.60
Equity Large Cap
₹ 140.54

Note: All performance graphs & numbers are calculated using only the live data and includes rebalances. Past performance doesn't include cost or guarantee future returns.