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BSE. Ltd on the Rise!

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What is the business model of BSE Ltd.?

BSE, or Bombay Stock Exchange, is India’s leading stock exchange. It facilitates the trading of stocks and other financial instruments, regulates market activities, and lists companies. BSE also maintains market indices like Sensex, educates investors, and provides vital financial data. It’s a key player in India’s financial sector.

Why has the stock been rising?

BSE Ltd has been an amazing discovery this year.

The exchange although always in the shadow vs the larger National Stock Exchange has come out stronger with good performance and sustaining its market share.

The stock has been in the news lately with potential of increase in its transaction costs and thus escalation of it’s earnings forecast by many analysts.

The price however has been moving up since a while as price tends to move much ahead of market news and thus the Bhav Bhagwaan Che concept works very well in pre-empting the price moves in most cases.

The prospects of elongated market hours along with ever increasing participation in equity markets by retail continues to push this stock forth.

In the last few sessions also this stock has displayed remarkable relative strength gaining even in weak markets.

Price Performance

Source: Moneycontrol

Mi35 smallcase

Mi35 is invested in this stock since 1300 odd levels and the strength of the stock indicates that this investment will stay for a long period of time.

We continue to enjoy holding this stock in Mi35 and other strategies and will have no emotional connect whenever it will be time to say goodbye.

The Mi35 strategy mentioned above is a rotational strategy with a universe of Small-cap stocks from Small-cap 250 index. It measures momentum over long periods of time and ranks stocks basis this score. The top score stocks are invested in and a rebalance review is done on a weekly basis for any relative changes.

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BSE. Ltd on the Rise!
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