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Learn: Investing Simplified by smallcase

image What are Hedge Funds & How are they Regulated?
Reading Time: 1 minutes
Hedge funds, regulated investment funds, aim to achieve top returns by investing in a diverse range of assets, primarily in the equity market. Learn more about hedge funds, their types, features & taxation.
image All You Need to Know About Mutual Fund Distributor Commissions
Reading Time: 1 minutes
Learn about the mutual fund distributor commission structure in India, its types, regulatory framework, and qualification requirements.
image What are Blue Chip Mutual Funds? Explore Types, Benefits, Risks and How They Work
Reading Time: 1 minutes
Blue chip mutual funds invest in well-established companies with robust financial structures. Explore different types of blue chip funds, risks associated with these funds and more.
image Understanding the Role and Responsibilities of a Mutual Fund Distributor
Reading Time: 1 minutes
Learn about the essential role, responsibilities, and benefits of a mutual fund distributor in aiding investor investments.
image Top Mutual Funds Apps to Invest in 2024
Reading Time: 1 minutes
Discover the best mutual fund apps in India 2024 that offer SIP, direct funds, and personalised recommendations with SEBI-approved safety.
image What are Equity Mutual Funds & How to Invest in Them?
Reading Time: 1 minutes
Discover the meaning of equity mutual funds, their types, benefits, and how to invest. Get insights with a list of schemes on our page.