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Can ChatGPT disrupt your investment portfolio?

Can ChatGPT disrupt your investment portfolio?
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Artificial Intelligence has been taking over industries around the world to create a smart driven future for everyone. With the onset of US based technology giants like Meta, Alphabet and Amazon among many others investing heavily to enhance their artificial intelligence capabilities, we ask, how does this pan out for investors seeking to invest overseas for long term gains?

The short answer, this bodes quite well for investors.

And as for the long answer, smallcase Manager, Vikas Gupta, CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Omniscience smallcase recently sat down with MoneyControl to talk about AI and its future and how it ties to investing.

Vikas shares the example ChatGPT and how it passing the Turing Test is breaking new grounds. He suggests that AI is the future and that it could be a great opportunity for Investors as there are around 200 – 300 companies currently listed in the US-market that are working on AI or adjacent technologies.

You can read the full article here.

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Can ChatGPT disrupt your investment portfolio?
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