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Introducing the 100-Year Portfolio

Introducing the 100-Year Portfolio
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The Russia-Ukraine escalation that began on the 24th of February 2022 has rattled the world and many lives and resources bore the brunt of this conflict. 

Almost all the global economies were hammered, and a few European stock markets are being flashed in red and at their lowest, almost at the time when the markets were seeing a recovery. 

These market reverberations also had a secondary effect on the Indian stock markets and retail investors have seen a consolidated loss of ₹6 lakh crores. 

Come to think of it, at a time when a war-like situation is being anticipated, a portfolio that could help us protect our wealth is desired by us all. And thus, we present to you our smallcase – the 100 Year Portfolio.

Introducing The 100 Year Portfolio from Green Portfolio

The 100 Year Portfolio from Green Portfolio is an extremely low volatility smallcase and is a highly-liquid emergency fund. This portfolio has been created to protect wealth – not just from market fluctuations, but from the hidden tax most of us pay–inflation.

When markets rise, the portfolio rises in tandem, and when it falls, the portfolio tends to be non-volatile.

The portfolio will be rebalanced timely depending on market cycles and macroeconomic situations to generate maximum alpha while preserving minimal volatility. 

By investing in the portfolio, you have the ability to move funds across different smallcases as and when you feel markets are overvalued/undervalued. Of course, the experts at Green Portfolio will do the heavy lifting – all you have to do is press a button and stay updated!

The 100 Year Portfolio changes during major world events:

Historically speaking, these wars and geopolitical conflicts have always led the stock analysis charts to show yo yo movements and turbulence in all our portfolios. But here’s a rundown of how this smallcase has performed during a few major events–

September 11 attacks Sep 11, 2001 – Sep 21, 2001-4.22%-17.47%-20.70%
Iraq Invasion March, 2003 – May 2003-0.01%-9.86%8.49%
Japan TsunamiMar 11, 2011 – Mar 16, 20110.11%1.02%-5.64%
US-China Trade Sanctions Oct 03, 2018 – Dec 24, 20180.91%-0.23%-9.98%
Iran-US Escalation Dec 12, 2019 – Jan 08, 20202.63%1.22%4.71%
Russia Ukraine Escalation Feb 24, 2022 – March 7, 2022 – Present0.52%-6.04%-4.70%
Average -0.13%-5.23%-4.63%
2000’s Dotcom Bubble Aug 31, 2000 – Oct 10, 200214.77%-33.68%-48.28%
Global Financial Crisis Oct, 10 2007 – March 04, 2009-8.07%-54.73%-57.32%
Greek Debt CrisisMar 11, 2011 – Mar 16, 2011-2.40%-21.89%-11.34%
COVID 19 Jan 20, 2020 – July 31, 2020 -6.25%-29.96%-33.84%
Russia Ukraine Escalation Feb 24, 2022 – March 7, 2022 – Present-0.21%-6.04%-4.70%
Average -0.43%-29.26%-31.1%

How does the 100 Year Portfolio work?

The multi-asset constituents of the 100-year Portfolio (ranging from high yield debt to NASDAQ ETF) reduce risk and ensure consistent inflation positive returns. Different assets perform at different times, which helps you sail steadily through all the market conditions. 

This smallcase has beaten inflation and FD returns since its inception due to exposure to commodities. The backtested data since the 2000s accentuates its steadiness during several economic, inflationary and deflationary cycles.

There are regular rebalances based on the macro environment which ensures better risk-adjusted returns. 

How has The 100 Year Portfolio smallcase performed? 

Key Metric8 Year CAGR3Year CAGRSharpe Ratio
BSE SENSEX15.45%13.21%0.40x
100 YEAR PORTFOLIO11.88%12.80%1.24x

The core of our research philosophy has created this portfolio which commits to generating an appropriate alpha against inflation. 

With minimum drawdown as the focal point, we have pioneered the ultimate portfolio for inflation hedging.

To learn more, check out the 100 Year Portfolio smallcase.

The 100 Year Portfolio smallcase by Green Portfolio

In case you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below, or DM us on Twitter @Greenportfolioc. Happy investing!

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Introducing the 100-Year Portfolio
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