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All Things Energy Sector with Arvind Kothari

All Things Energy Sector with Arvind Kothari
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With a deep understanding of the energy industry, Arvind Kothari, Founder and Director of Niveshaay Investment Advisory (SEBI registration number: INA000017541) unravel valuable insights into India’s Energy sector and how it can add value to your investment portfolio.

Here are some highlights from the conversation –

What are the current trends in the Indian Energy sector and what is their impact on investment opportunities? 

  • Since the thermal energy trend is stagnating lately, renewable energy is seeing high growth. 
  • It’s time for the non-fossil fuel energy sector’s growth.
  • India is targeting to be a manufacturing hub for the world.

What are the challenges faced by an investor in the Energy sector? 

  • Constant regulatory changes hamper the sector’s growth. 
  • The rising interest costs & increase in raw material prices impact companies in this sector & their profitability.

What are some interesting areas for investments in India’s Energy sector? 

  • Due to the China+1 strategy, large-scale manufacturing is on the rise in India.
  • Thermal power doesn’t seem to be growing, so renewables are likely to pick up.

Know more in detail about the potential opportunities & risks in this sector; tune in to the video below

Disclaimer: Investment in securities market are subject to market risks. Read all the related documents carefully before investing. 

Disclosure: https://www.smallcase.com/manager/niveshaay#disclosures

Happy Investing!

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All Things Energy Sector with Arvind Kothari
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