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Engineering: Behind the scenes

Engineering: Behind the scenes
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In our mission to change the way India invests, technology has been a dear friend. After all these years, If we have been able to simplify and modernise the investing experience to a level where it’s delightful, a good part of the credit goes to the backbone of cutting-edge technology & some amazing developers.

You see, conceptualisation, ideation & brainstorming are all cool but the execution is where the real magic happens. You can plan all you want, but nothing beats seeing something actually work. The finance space is always bustling – the hustle of the markets – the rise & fall, P&L, several brokers, lakhs of investors, crores of money – there is so much going on. Imagine how much it takes to make sure that all of it works smoothly. Okay, let’s pause a bit. Relax. It’s time to go behind the scenes and hear those who make things work.

So, here we are – kickstarting a new series of Engineering blog posts. Because, developers don’t just want to sit and code, they want to express themselves. In these posts, our very own engineers from the smallcase team will share their experiences, problems, solutions, tips over a broad range of topics. The idea is to get out in the open what they do – to hear them about what would otherwise remain hidden in merge request documents. And, while the posts will certainly be technical in nature, it shouldn’t stop anyone from coming and having a look.

To all the fellow developers – we hope that these posts will serve to be useful should you come across similar scenarios yourselves. For others, we hope it would forever break the stereotype of a developer who is wearing a hoodie and typing incessantly on a terminal with dark mode enabled; code is a craft, some would even say ‘art’ – it requires creativity and a lot of thinking 🙂

Just like in everything we do, this initiative is aimed towards starting a conversation. So, we would love to hear your feedback, comments, questions, experiences or anything that you want to share with us. Do let us know in the comments or tweet to us. We’re always listening.

Come, see what makes smallcase tick. Read our engineering blog posts:

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Engineering: Behind the scenes
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