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New Age Surge – all you need to know

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Embrace India’s Startup Revolution:

India is amidst a startup surge, and the New Age Surge Portfolio captures the potential of this transformative growth. Our portfolio consists of carefully selected stocks from prominent Indian startups, positioning you at the forefront of this burgeoning ecosystem.

Diverse and Promising Stocks:

These stocks represent a diverse range of sectors, ensuring a balanced and comprehensive exposure to the Indian startup landscape. From technology-driven ventures to innovative service providers, our portfolio encompasses the promising spectrum of India’s startup prowess.

Long-Term Growth Potential:

Our portfolio is designed for long-term growth, capitalizing on the immense potential of India’s startup ecosystem. By investing in these growth-oriented companies, you position yourself to benefit from their success and the overall trajectory of the Indian market.

Seize Opportunities in a Dynamic Market:

India’s startup ecosystem is constantly evolving, presenting unique opportunities for growth and innovation. This portfolio keeps you at the forefront of this dynamic market, positioning you to capitalize on emerging trends and groundbreaking advancements.

Improving Fundamentals and End of Cash Burn Cycle:

A significant trigger for these stocks lies in their improving fundamentals and the end of the cash burn cycle. Many of these players are now entering a phase where profitability and sustainability are becoming achievable goals. This transition not only enhances investor confidence but also indicates the maturing of these startups into established businesses. (Example Zomato, PayTM)

Exploring Gems of the New Age Surge Portfolio:

Now, let’s delve into the top 5 stocks that define the essence of the New Age Surge Portfolio:

CE Info Systems Ltd :

Operating the renowned MapMyIndia brand, CE Info Systems provides digital mapping, navigation, and location-based services. In our digital age, precise mapping services are vital for businesses and consumers. With applications spanning logistics to urban planning, its advanced technologies and comprehensive mapping database establish it as an industry leader.

One 97 Communications Ltd :

As Paytm’s parent company, One 97 Communications powers one of India’s largest mobile commerce platforms. Its digital wallet, online marketplace, and financial services redefine how Indians transact, shop, and manage finances. Boasting a substantial user base, innovative features, and diversification into insurance and wealth management, it reshapes traditional finance.

Just Dial Ltd:

Just Dial’s local search engine and information services are a staple for individuals and businesses seeking localized information. The platform bridges consumers and local businesses by offering an extensive database of services, products, and establishments. With its user-friendly interface and expansive listings, it’s a go-to resource for relevant and timely local information.

Indiamart Intermesh Ltd :

As India’s largest online B2B marketplace, Indiamart connects buyers and suppliers across various industries. Empowering small and medium-sized businesses with a digital presence and expanded reach, its extensive network, advanced search, and payment protection services foster trade and collaboration.

Cartrade Tech Ltd:

Operating online automotive marketplaces, including CarWale, CarTrade, and BikeWale, Cartrade Tech facilitates digital vehicle research, comparison, and purchase. As the automotive industry evolves, Cartrade Tech caters to evolving consumer preferences. The convenience of digital vehicle shopping, coupled with supplementary services, positions the company at India’s automotive forefront.

Invest and be part of India’s startup revolution. Seize the immense growth potential of these prominent startups and propel your investments towards unprecedented heights. Embrace the Indian growth narrative and position yourself for success in this thriving market.

New Age Surge smallcase by Craving Alpha

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New Age Surge – all you need to know
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