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A week of many happenings!

A week of many happenings!
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Hi, there!

Sports fan or not – you’ve got to be excited today!

A number of historic match-ups are scheduled for later tonight – Manchester United v Liverpool in the English Premier League, Juventus v Inter in Serie A, El Classico in La Liga, and Verstappen v Hamilton in the front row of the US GP in Austin, Texas, to mention a few commercially important ones.

However, what Indians have been waiting for most this week is probably the good old India-Pakistan cricket match under the ICC T20 Men’s World Cup. Although the two countries have not played cricket after bilateral relations broke down back in 2008, cricket is almost next to religion in India and an India-Pakistan match never fails to keep us glued to our screens!

Not only is the Ind-Pak match a historic event, it also means business for advertisers. According to reports in Business Today, the asking rate starts at ₹23-25 lakh for a 10-second advertising spot for this game. By the end of the tournament, it is expected that broadcasting alone will generate revenues to the effect of ₹1,200-1,300 through television, and another ₹250-300 crore through Hotstar. No wonder the BCCI is the world’s richest cricketing body in the world!

But the BCCI isn’t rich because of international games or bilateral series. The main source of revenue for the BCCI is the IPL. The IPL in 2019 was valued at ₹475 billion (US$6.7 billion), according to Duff & Phelps. The BCCI, after the 2015 IPL season, contributed ₹11.5 billion (US$160 million) to the GDP of the Indian economy. They’ve also paid taxes worth ₹3600 million since the inception of the tournament in 2008.

To put things into perspective, here’s a list of tournaments sorted by the average salaries earned by players in it (source: Startuptalky.com). Globally, IPL is only second to the NBA, in terms of salaries of sportspersons!

Now the Indian cricket audience is also looking forward to the two new teams that are supposed to be announced tomorrow, 25th October – which means more revenue!

The ownership of two new IPL teams will have a substantial impact on their revenues. What do you think? Tweet to us.

The ownership of IPL teams will have a substantial impact on their revenues because… Click To Tweet

Markets Last Week

Nifty 50
2.48% ▲
2.08% ▲
Nifty 500
2.63% ▲
Bank Nifty
4.14% ▲

The Indian stock markets ended the week lower and benchmark indices witnessed selling pressure. A number of things led to this. China’s quarterly GDP hit a 1-year low and that spooked institutional investors of an oncoming economic slowdown.

Moreover, profit-booking in stocks ahead of September quarter results are believed to have caused some pressure on the markets. That apart, the relentless rise in crude-oil prices and worries of inflation rising – which led to the thinking that the RBI might raise interest rates (also called monetary tightening) led to markets ending the red.

smallcases are now more transparent

Like we said, it’s been quite a hullabaloo this week. Our mission, since inception in 2016, has been to provide Indian retail investors with the most transparent investment product. This week, we’ve come up with our latest transparency update, and this time it’s about crunching the smallcase performance numbers.

Introducing the cost calculator tool on your smallcase profile! 🎉

Now you can easily –

  1. Check the cost-adjusted performance of a smallcase
  2. Check the cost-adjusted value of an investment as per the time period you choose
  3. Check overall costs you will need to incur
  4. Check the distribution of costs across various components

PS – This is available exclusively on the app now. You can download the app here.

Something Special is cooking…

Introducing smallcase Specials – an easy way to discover brand new investment ideas! 🎉

Discover trending and popular smallcases from our choicest Managers before you decide on your next investment! Also, get access to exclusive content, latest communications and updates, high quality research, and unique investment strategies.

This week we’re discussing multinational companies – Multinational companies are fundamentally robust and can withstand all market conditions. These companies have a strong global brand, excellent balance sheets, access to the latest technology, and strong management. Their presence in multiple locations ensures operations don’t stop even if there’s a crisis at one of the sites. These reasons make MNCs an extremely lucrative investment option.

Multi National Companies (MNC) Advantage smallcase by Green Portfolio

Head to the Discover section to find other featured Specials for this week!

In case you missed this…

Excel with Experts – Value Investing with Jiten Pamar

At Aurum Capital, the team strongly believes in the philosophy of value investing. Understand the nuances of value investing with Jiten, who has been investing in the stocks markets since 1993!

Although there’s much more that we want to talk to you about, that’s a wrap for the week! We’ll be back with more interesting updates next Sunday.
Until then, take care and happy investing!

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A week of many happenings!
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