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Smallcap and Midcap Investing Demystified: Insights from Nooresh Merani

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Smallcap & Midcap investing has always been an attraction for everyone. But with thousands of companies to track, how do you choose 

  • What are the factors that need to be considered when investing in mid and small-cap companies? 
  • Does investing in mid and small-caps involve higher risks and volatility?
  • How can you manage these risks and volatility?
  • How do smallcap and midcap companies perform across different market cycles?
  • How much returns can you actually get by investing in midcap and smallcap companies?
  • How important is timing the market?
  • Is stock picking the ultimate skill required to earn great returns?
  • Should you have a concentrated or diversified mid and smallcap portfolio to generate alpha and outperform the indexes?
  • When should you get aggressive in the markets?
  • Should you always remain invested?

Well to get answers to these burning investor questions and more, we have Nooresh Merani, a SEBI registered research analyst who specialises in mid and smallcap investing and has successfully generated alpha for over 15+ years in the markets.

In the below series of videos, Nooresh shares

Why you should invest in mid & smallcap companies

When Should You Invest in mid & smallcap companies ?

Checklist he uses to shortlist companies to invest in.

Bottoming out patterns he looks for

How he checks if a bear market is bottoming out

When does he get out of Small caps?

How he trades charts & patterns

Some practical case studies

Liked what you saw? Want to invest the Nooresh Merani way now? Well, you’re in luck!

Check out Nooresh Merani’s Top 10 Techno Funda smallcase he creates based on a mix of Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis. In this smallcase, Nooresh focuses on

  • Companies with decent fundamentals and avoiding the terrible ones.
  • Fundamental themes and sector rotation.
  • Initiation of entry on the basis of Technical Breakouts, Relative Strength & Themes.
  • Low Churn.
  • Equal Weights assigned to each stock to start with and every time he removes or adds a stock, the smallcase is rebalanced to equal weight.
  • Staying fully invested across cycles unless his BSE Smallcap/Nifty model suggests way too much froth. 

The smallcase has generated returns of 39.49% in the last 1 year!

Data as of 16 March 2023

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Smallcap and Midcap Investing Demystified: Insights from Nooresh Merani
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