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Vision 2024: Insights for the New Year with Alok Jain

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Q1 – Which major trends guided the markets in 2023?

Ans : Public sector banks and public sector enterprise stocks along with Real estate dominated 2023. The year started with US recession on mkts mind and yet the year passed with flying colours thus reinforcing the fact that nobody can call the markets and you just need to stick to your process 

Q2 – Which major trends are you expecting in 2024?

Ans : I expect a moderation of trade in 2024 as we potentially head into a US slowdown and Pharma and FMCG may emerge as dark horses

Q3 – Which new sectors or themes will you be watching out in 2024?

Ans : With small and mid caps making a food jump, the baton certainly has been passed in the large cap hands. One should look for better relative performance there perhaps

Q4 – How should investors go about setting financial resolutions or goals?

Ans : investors should leave this task to professionals. Find a good financial advisor who can do your risk profiling, help you define goals and accordingly allocate investment buckets for you

Q5 – Personal goals for 2024

Ans : More reading, More walking, More being at peace and not worrying about what happens in the year. Like most other years, I hope that this too will pass in peace.

Q6 – Professional goals for 2024

Ans : For Weekend Investing to reach out to many more dark corners of financial ignorance that abundantly exist even amongst educated people. To educate, and impart knowledge through content and offer exemplary service to those who seek guidance through our investment strategies.

Is 2024 going to be the year of Large Caps?

Join us this Saturday, 6th January at 11:00 am for a Live AMA with Alok Jain, Founder at WeekendInvesting.

We will be discussing:

  • How to invest in the New Year 2024
  • Understanding the current market rally and recent performance of smallcases
  • Q&A with the viewers at the end

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Vision 2024: Insights for the New Year with Alok Jain
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