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WeekendInvesting’s Mi 20 :
A must-have Mid & Small Cap Strategy

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Mi20 is a dynamic strategy which aims to outperform the underlying benchmark MidSmallcap400 index. These are the 101st -500th stocks in the market place. This product is suitable for use in all stages of the market cycles as it is designed to remain invested in the strongest 20 stocks in the pack regardless of market conditions.

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Mi 20 , like any other WeekendInvesting strategy is designed to outperform the benchmark on the upside and also on the down side.

What we mean is – When there is an up trend, Mi 20 tries to outperform it’s benchmark by riding on the strongest 20 stocks from it’s universe. And when the markets are weak, the strategy hopes to fall lesser than the benchmark using the same principal of sticking to the strongest stocks thus extracting relative outperformance at all times.

To Summarize…

Mi 20 is your perfect – affordable – Mid & Small cap strategy to provide that much needed alpha to your portfolio.

  • Always sticks to top 20 trending stocks from it’s universe – Mid-Small 400 index
  • Outperformance against it’s benchmark
  • Superior CAGR compared to it’s benchmark.
  • Significantly Lower Drawdowns compared to Mid-Small 400 index to keep you calm during weak market conditions
  • A great alpha punching companion for your equity portfolio

    Come in with a mindset to stay invested for as long as possible and have a phenomenal journey !
    Hope to see you in WeekendInvesting Family soon!

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WeekendInvesting’s Mi 20 :
A must-have Mid & Small Cap Strategy
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